Calliopé pedicure


Calliopé pedicure – feet care is a very important part of the overall care for our health. Condition and quality of our feet affects our daily lives. Therefore, we should not neglect this seemingly invisible part of our body. On the contrary! CALLIOPE pedicure is ideal treatment for our feet that require extra care. After a pedicure, your feet will be soft and well hydrated. Cosmetic treatment consists of these following procedures:

  • Warm water bath
  • Removing of callosities 
  • Nail bed adjustment 
  • Peeling 
  • Wrap application 
  • Final cream 
  • Nail polish application.

Information for guests:

  • For pedicure please come in in comfortable light clothing, or in a hotel bathrobe.
  • The duration of pedicure is 60 minutes / 37,10 EUR
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