Natural resources

Natural resources with medicinal effects, like mineral springs, the peloids (i.e. peat, mud and moor), or climatic conditions, you won't find just anywhere. They are found only in a few areas in the world, among others in Central Europe and mostly just in the Czech Republic. The place of their occurrence is always unique and crucial for the composition of the natural resources. Czech Spa medicine, balneal therapy, is an integral part of the European cultural heritage, and thanks to the high quality of the natural medicinal resources, has an extraordinary reputation and gravity in Europe and overseas as well.

All of the springs rising on the territory of Mariánské Lázně yield slightly mineralised and cold acidulous water with temperatures between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius. They rise from low depths and differ only in their chemical composition, which mostly consists of water, carbon dioxide, and dissolved rock. The local mineral springs offer up to six different chemical compositions.

Acidulous waters are the result of precipitation that penetrates into the soil and gradually descends further down through fissures in the bedrock. The flow of groundwater mixes with rising carbon dioxide present in the subsoil to create a slightly acidic environment in which minerals from the surrounding rocks dissolve. The strength and rate of the flow of the acidulous water rising to the surface is augmented by the gas released as a result of reduced surrounding pressure.

The different chemical composition of the local springs facilitates the treatment of a great variety of diseases. Thanks to their diversity, patients suffering with kidney or urinary tract diseases, respiratory, digestive, or skin disorders come to Mariánské Lázně. The mineral springs also aid in the treatment of metabolic and endocrine gland disorders, as well as diseases affecting the nervous or the musculoskeletal system.

OLYMPIA Hotel **** received a special permission from the Czech Health Inspectorate (Ministry o health) to use the natural medicinal resources for the spa treatment. Obtaining of permission was preceded by a detailed audit of activities, particularly the technical and most of all professional and
medical staff.

In OLYMPIA Hotel **** we use in balneal therapy we use natural mineral water and healing moor. An indispensable part of our spa treatment is also local climate and beautiful nature, clean air and the altitude also have a therapeutic effect on some diseases. The spa town Marianske Lazne is among the places with the cleanest air in the Czech Republic and the local climate in particular is used in the treatment of the respiratory diseases.


We use certified sulfur-ferrous moor for our balneal therapy. The moor wraps have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, nerves and skin, and are one of the leading treatments in the context of thermotherapy.

The main indications and diseases:

  • Nerve diseases (chronic) - thermotherapy 
  • Musculoskeletal diseases - thermotherapy

A unique treatment with moor: 


For balneal therapy we use certified Forest spring, which chemical composition and total mineralization is globally unique. In particular, it is used for inhalation therapy. Other springs are used for drinking cures. 

The main indications and diseases:

  • Diseases of the respiratory system – inhalation therapy
  • Diseases of digestive system – drinking cure
  • Diseases of the urinary tract and kidneys – drinking cure
  • Metabolic disorders (obesity, gout, diabetes mellitus) – drinking cure

For the drinking cures are used mainly Cross spring, Ferdinand spring, Rudolph spring, Caroline spring, Ambrose spring.

By inhalation thepary direct in hotel OLYMPIA is used the unique Forest spring.

Unique treatments with Forest spring:

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