Steam sauna
Steam sauna

A steam sauna is warm misty sauna similar to a classical sauna. Compared to it, this sauna is not as hot and it is much more moisturous (circa 45°C and up to 100% humidity). It is suitable for respiratory tract illnesses and rheumatic problems. It is also recommended for treating asthma, colds, muscle overload and blood circulation disorders. It has a beneficial effect on skin health, helps to clean pores, treat cellulite and acne. It is a good apparatus for relaxation, it stimulates the vital functions, rejuvenates the organism and supports weight reduction. Regular visits to a steam sauna increases hardening of the organism and its resistance to common infections of the upper respiratory tract. Besides this, it stimulates and improves the nervous as well as humoral functions and it enables the organism to remove, in a higher extent, pollutants from the metabolism.

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